Top 3 Best Online Loans No Credit Check For Guaranteed Loan Approval.

Easy, Fast, Up to $5000.

Top 3 Best Online Loans No Credit Check.

Looking for a online loans no credit check? We review five direct lenders who can offer a guaranteed loan approval.

Are you currently looking for a guaranteed loan approval, but unable to find a provider because of bad credit?

If so, you should consider a no credit check lender. These types of lenders will assess other areas of your financial profile when deciding whether or not to approve you such as your income, employment status, and history with repaying loans.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in exploring further, continue reading this article and learn about the best no credit check loan offerings in 2021 and how you can improve a bad credit score.

Note: Online loans no credit check come in a range of shapes and sizes, such as traditional Installment loans, PAYDAY LOANS, and Title Loans. Whichever option you do go with, just make sure that you are confident you’ll be able to meet your monthly repayments.

What is a online loans no credit check?

As the name suggests, a online loans no credit check refers to a financing application that does not take your FICO credit score in to account.

In fact, when lenders determine whether or not to approve your application, they won’t run a credit check at all.

This is especially useful if you are currently in possession of bad credit, not least because traditional lenders will typically turn you down based on your less than ideal FICO score.

Instead of looking at your credit report, the no credit check lender will look at a number of other factors, such as your income and employment status.

This means that as long as you have a steady flow of income, and the lender is confident you can afford to meet your minimum weekly/monthly repayments, then you should have no issues in getting approved – irrespective of your credit score.

However, this does, of course, come at a cost.

In return for giving you a guaranteed loan approval with a no credit check basis, lenders will charge you a rate of APR that is significantly higher than a conventional bank. In fact, if opting for a no credit checks payday loan, you will pay an average APR rate of 400%.

It is also important to note that some providers charge a surplus of 1,000% APR, so it’s crucial that you understand how much you are paying prior to proceeding with the loan application.

Top 5 Online Loans No Credit Check [Safe Lenders]

If you’re based in the US and looking to obtain payday loans without having and credit checks, check out the following five providers:

1. Loans Angel | Best for extended loan repayment periods.

LoansAngel describes itself as a Team Of Action. A loan platform that’s specially designed to provide a link between borrowers and lenders.

LoansAngel brings together an array of lenders who are willing to avail funds to individuals with a poor or non-existent credit history. Some of its greatest features include the relatively fast loan application form, credit confirmation within minutes, and the equally speedy disbursement of funds – within 38 hours.

The company maintains a wide range of regular and payday loans and high loan limits – up to $5,000

2. MaximusMoney | Best for borrowers with poor and non-existent credit history.

MaximumMoney takes pride in its highly convenient loan application process. On this loan marketplace, virtually anyone regardless of their credit score can apply for a payday, installment, or personal loan of up to $5,000.

The platform maintains a straightforward – 3-step loan application process. Some lenders may, however, conduct a soft query of your credit history that does not affect your credit score in determining the amounts to advance you and at what interest rate.

3. IndyLend. Access in excess of $5000 near instantly.

IndyLend is a connection site running an online platform that brings lenders and borrowers together. Most of the lenders don’t check your credit score in making the credit decisions, just your ability to pay by looking at your income levels.

Here, you get to benefit from personal loans as low as $100 and in excess of $5,000. Loan application processing is wholly online and relatively straightforward. Ideally you will be matched with several lenders with varying loan terms but the APR typically ranges from 4.99% to 450% for payday loans and between 6.99% to 1386% for the short to medium term installment loans.

4. LoanSolo. Fast loan application processing with same day funds disbursement.

LoanSolo is a payday loans marketplace connecting borrowers to its large database of lenders. Here, lenders don’t check your credit score but will demand that you provide them with proof of employment and regular income.

The loan application process is wholly online and borrowers get to enjoy speedy approval with same day or the next day funds disbursement. The loan has to be repaid during the next payday and it gets to attract a loan APR of between 200% and 2290% depending on your preferred lender.

5. Opploans – Online Loans No Credit Check – Personal Loans For Bad Credit.

Opploans is a personal lender that offers loans to applicants with bad or no credit history.


It’s no surprise that the interest rates are high.

Unlike traditional lenders that check applicant’s credit, Opploans only considers factors like your income and expenses when you apply for a loan.

The biggest draw is:

Opploans personal loans are positioned as an alternative to super-expensive options such as predatory payday loans.

What will no credit check lenders look for when assessing my application?

When traditional lenders assess an online loan application, they will typically utilize the three main credit rating bureaus.

This includes Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. The reports available from the previously mentioned agencies contain a vast amount of information on your financial background, such as who you have previously obtained credit from, to what value, and most importantly – whether you have ever missed a payment.


All of this information will subsequently yield a FICO credit rating, which most lenders use to determine whether or not to issue you a loan. 

However, no credit check lenders do not use the main three credit rating agencies when assessing your application. Instead, they will use secondary sources in an attempt to verify the information you provide in your application. With that being said, we have listed the main factors that no credit check lenders will look at when you make an application.  

All of this information will subsequently yield a FICO credit rating, which most lenders use to determine whether or not to issue you a loan. 

However, no credit check lenders do not use the main three credit rating agencies when assessing your application. Instead, they will use secondary sources in an attempt to verify the information you provide in your application. With that being said, we have listed the main factors that no credit check lenders will look at when you make an application.  

Your Income

First, no credit check lenders will likely ask that you have a steady flow of income. In the vast majority of cases, this needs to be in the form of regular employment. However, some lenders will consider you if your main source of income derives from other avenues – such as benefits, disability allowances, or pensions.

Your Employment Status

The lender will also want to know what your current employment status is. This covers full-time and part-time employment, as well as self-employment.

Your State

As each state in the US has its own laws surrounding lending practices, the no credit check loan provider will want to know where you are based. In some cases, the lender might not be able to offer you a loan if you are based in a state that prohibits payday loans. In addition, your location can also determine how much interest you pay and whether you need to meet a minimum monthly income requirement.

Repayment History

Although no credit checks lenders will not use the main three credit reporting agencies, they are still likely to use secondary sources to assess your history with credit. This won’t be with the view of obtaining your FICO credit score. Instead, it will be to ascertain whether you have missed loan repayments in the past.

Home Ownership

Most lenders will ask whether or not you own your home, or if you are renting. If it’s the former, this will increase your chances of being approved by the lender, and will likely result in a more favorable APR rate.

What types of online loans no credit check ​are available?

In the vast majority of cases, online loans no credit check are available in two main forms –

Payday Loans Online and Installment Loan Online. Here’s what you need to know.


Payday Loan Online 

A payday loan is a type of short-term loan that requires you to pay the funds back when you next get paid.

  • For example, let’s say that on September 4th you receive your monthly salary

  • On September 20th, you are short of cash, so you decide to take out a payday loan

  • You borrow $300 and agree to repay the money when you next receive your monthly salary

  • On October 4th you get paid, and subsequently, repay the $300 you borrowed – plus interest

Installment Loan Online

An installment loan is a traditional personal loan that is taken out over a longer period of time. An installment Loan typically allows you to borrow more than what a Payday loan would permit.

  • For example, you need to borrow $6,000 to pay for a new car

  • You use a no credit checks lender and agree to repay the money over 5 years

  • Every month, you make a fixed repayment, which includes your APR interest

  • After 6 years of meeting your monthly repayments, you have settled the debt in full   

How can I get a online loans no credit check?

In a nutshell, the no credit check loan process works in much the same way as any other lender operating in the online space.

Nevertheless, if you’ve never gone through the process before, we’ve listed the main steps that you need to follow below.


Step 1: Find a no credit check lender

You will first need to find a no credit check lender that meets your individual requirements.

Further up the page, you’ll find the best five no credit check lenders currently operating in the space.

Step 2: Start the loan application

Once you have settled upon a preferred loan provider, it’s time to start your online application.

Initially, this will require you to choose how much you want to borrow, and for how long. Next, you’ll then need to enter some personal information.

This will include your full name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, social security number, and if applicable – your driver’s license number.  

Step 3: Enter your financial information

Although you don’t need to enter details pertaining to your FICO credit rating, you still need to let the no credit check lender know what your financial standing is like.

Typically, this will include your current employment status, monthly income, home ownership status, and whether you currently have any other loan products outstanding.

Step 4: Assess your loan offer

Once you’ve completed the loan application process – which typically takes no more than 5 minutes, the lender will then let you know whether or not you have been approved.

If you have, you will then get to view your loan offer on-screen. This will include your APR rate, and whether or not you need to pay an origination fee.

Step 5: Enter your bank Acount details

The final stage of the no credit checks loan process is to enter your checking account details.

This needs to be the bank account that you want your loan funds deposited into, which will also be required to set-up an automatic debit agreement on. This needs to be the bank account that you plan to make your repayments from. 

Finally, once all of the above has been completed, you should receive your loan funds within 1-2 business days, depending on the loan provider in question. 

Note: An origination fee is the fee charged by no credit check lenders to cover the cost of arranging the loan. Not all lenders charge one, but when they do, it can cost as much as 5% of the loan amount.

Pros and cons of online loans no credit check?



How we ranked these no credit check loan lenders

Guaranteed Approval online loans no credit check

Of the providers that we have reviewed, there are several that will not perform a hard credit check and fewer that will also guarantee you a loan. Blue Trust Loans are one of the elite group that truly holds the moniker ‘guaranteed approval no credit check loan’ provider. They don’t look at your Fico score, but you build a reputation with them over time. The first time you borrow from this provider the limits will be low and the payment term will be fairly short.

Conclusion online loans no credit check

In summary, with banks and traditional lenders getting stricter and stricter on who they lend money to, obtaining financing with bad credit is no easy feat.

However, the good news for you is that there are now a substantial number of online lenders that will consider your loan application without checking your credit.

As such, no credit lenders will instead look at other key metrics tied to your credit profile, such as whether you are in full-time employment, and how much you earn each month.

Ultimately, although obtaining a online loans no credit check is relatively simple, you still need to ensure that you have the required funds to repay the loan back in full – each and every month.

Not only are your respective APR rates likely to be sky-high, but the late or missed payment fees can be crippling.


As the name suggests, a online loans no credit check is a loan application that does not take your current credit rating into account. Instead, lenders will look at other key metrics, such as your income, employment status, and whether you have ever missed a loan repayment in the past.

As is the case with any other loan application, the entire process can be completed online. Once you’ve chosen one of the recommended lenders we have listed above, you’ll then need to go through the 5-10 minute application process. All you need to do is enter the amount you wish to borrow, alongside your personal and financial information, and you should receive a decision within less than 60 seconds.

One of the biggest drawbacks to obtaining a no credit check loan is that you are likely to be charged a significant amount of interest. This is to counter the risks of lending to somebody that has a historically poor relationship with credit. Moreover, if you were to miss a payment, it’s likely the late payment fees will also be high – all of which will have interest applied to them.

On top of being accustomed to late payment fees, no credit check lenders might decide to report the late payment to the main three credit agencies. This will have a detrimental impact on your already-poor FICO score. On the other hand, if you always meet your weekly/monthly repayments on time, this is likely to improve your credit score.

The short answer to this is ‘No’. As long as you always make your repayments, then you will not run into any issues, not least because Tribal lenders still need to abide by federal lending laws. However, as they are not required to operate under state lending laws, they can essentially charge you as much interest as they wish (as detailed within your loan agreement). As such, only obtain a loan from a Tribal lender if you are confident you will never miss a payment – as you should do with all lenders.

Most firms will review your credit score in an effort to analyze your whole profile, it will not be used as a determinant factor for the approval. In most scenarios, a soft inquiry will be the only review they will make for your loan application. It is always recommended to ask these questions directly to the lender of your choice in order to determine their view and structure as it will vary from institution to institution.

On average most firms will create a credit profile based on your work history, your income and also your education. While changing works should not be a show stopper, certain firms expect at least 6 months of constant work in order to approve loans. In most cases, you can explain the situation, prove that it is a new job, a better wage or anything related to making your case. At the end of the day, it is going to depend directly on the person reviewing your application for them to determine if it is important for your application.

Since most firms transfer their application processes online, the entire process can be done automatically and profiles can be reviewed by algorithms. This allows for a lightning-fast process which ultimately benefits the borrower. Instead of having to wait for weeks for your loan to be approved and disbursed, modern firms will approve the same day and deposit the money the same day or the next at the latest. It is important to mention that while applications can be sent online, in most cases there is a double check made by a person in the firm. This implies that depending on the moment of the day or the time that the application was sent, it can have an impact on the overall approval process and its timing.

While this will depend from firm to firm, in most cases early payments will not incur in any sort of penalty or extra charges. It is always recommended for you to ask and review all these details before committing to one provider.

Keep in mind that there are many other alternatives that may allow and individual to borrow money in case of an emergency. However, one of the major concerns and complaints about some of these other companies is that some operate without a license. Another aspect is that it’s been publicly known for some of these firms to take advantage of their clients, to the point of churning them for fees.


Payday Loans

$100 – $1,000: unsecured, short-term, repaid with the next pay check in 14 – 31 days, available for bad credit. Compare offers from direct lenders or apply online

Installment loans

Loans Up to $1,000 – $5,000: unsecured, repaid in equal sums within 6 – 60 months, available for bad credit. Compare offers from direct lenders or apply online.

Title Loans

A Car Title Loan is a type of secured loan backed by your vehicle title as collateral. Auto title loans allow a borrower to get $10,000 on average even with bad credit. 


Personal Loans

Best Personal loans up to  $5,000 – $25,000: unsecured, long term, repaid in equal installments.  Compare offers from direct lenders or apply loans online.

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